Expert adivice and constant assistance, logistics and cargo insurance are the three axes that underlie our services.

Loading the goods from the indicated pick-up point, transport in accordance with the specific goods and transit requested, and delivery to the agreed unloading site are the major components of the logistics service.

Our logistics team handles together with suppliers, customers or customs brokers, document management, transhipments, storage and distribution throughout the country, thus guaranteeing the optimal solution with respect to transit and cost.

We handle all storage operations, starting with unloading of the goods, handling, storage, and ending with delivery of the cargo.

Tailored expert advices and our long term know-how in transport are the added values that we bring to our clients.

We provide the knowledge gained in time and the logistics solution that we offer you will always meet your transport needs.

Each client benefits from the experience of a dedicated transport coordinator, and, in complex expedition procedures, the coordinator is assisted by a team that has experience in various fields (customs, legal, tax, etc.).

We want our logistics services to contribute to the success of your projects.

Cargo safety during transport

Your merchandise is safe since the loading until delivery; our vehicles are fitted with appropriate protection and anchoring devices.

All the vehicles in our fleet have CMR insurance for the cargo they carry. Additionally, our civil liability insurance amounts to 200,000 euros.

Together with our customers, we analyse the need to prepare a cargo-type insurance, providing consultancy both before and after the shipment.

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