The fleet

Whatever your transport needs are our logistics team provides you with the best suited type of truck. We have available a various fleet so that we can assist any type of request either exclusive or partial shipment.

  • Vans (Sprinters: van, tarpaulin, refrigerated) – for fast international transports.
    On request, we offer Sprinters with hydraulic lift; up to 1500 kg of cargo;
  • Pick-up trucks (tarpaulin, van, refrigerated) – for load capacities up to 3,500 kg (3.5 tons); Internal volume of about 33 m3;
  • Trucks (tarpaulin, van, refrigerated) – for load capacities of up to 24 tons.
    For bulk goods or larger size cargo, we provide loading into mega trucks or jumbo/gooseneck trailers;
  • Platform vehicles / trailers for oversized equipment – exceeding 13.6 m in length, 2.45 m in width and 3 m in height or exceeding 24 tons in weight.

If your goods require fast delivery, we ensure rapid transit with a two-driver crew.